The City of Cape Town encouraging the unemployed to join it’s jobseekers database


The City of Cape Town, as part of thier efforts to build an opportunity city in which they make progress possible together with oit’s residents, is calling on all jobseekers to register on the City’s jobseekers database at their local subcouncil office.

‘It is from this database that we provide work opportunities to those seeking work in our city. We know that there is no opportunity like a job opportunity and this administration is committed to alleviating the plight of the most vulnerable residents of our city’, said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Social Development and Early Childhood Development, Councillor Suzette Little.


Those on the jobseekers database will be considered for work through the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP). Employment through the EPWP is temporary, with contract appointments varying in length.

Since 2011, the City has created more than 100 000 work opportunities through the EPWP.

EPWP projects now occur at nearly 950 sites around the city, providing economic relief for EPWP workers and helping to improve service delivery.

Residents can access short-term work opportunities through the EPWP by registering on the subcouncil’s jobseekers database. Workers are randomly chosen from the database and are notified by telephone when they are selected for possible job opportunities.

In order to register, residents must visit their local subcouncil office in person. Those residents who are already registered must make sure that they update their details at their local subcouncil office regularly to improve their chances of employment. Jobseekers who do not update their details in a 12-month period will have their registration re¬moved from the database. Jobseekers are requested to update their information should any of their details change and must also remember to re-register if they have moved from one place to another in the city.


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