TweetDeck Reviewed!


Marketed as the most powerful Twitter tool for real-time tracking, organizing and engagement.

What do I liked best of the application?

It’s a versatile, customizable way to have complete control and access to all aspects of your Twitter account on one webpage. In fact, you can actually manage more than one Twitter account if you have more than one or handle the Twitter accounts of others. You can view your current feed (in real-time), see notifications as they come in, view direct message when they arrive, and see the activity of those you follow.

Plus, not only can you create Tweets right from TweetDeck, but you can even schedule these for a later time of your choosing. You can even choose to have a column that will show you other people’s tweets on a trending topic of your choosing, and it’s in real time as well.

What I disliked?

There’s really very little to dislike with TweetDeck. Because it’s put out by Twitter itself, they really nail the integration with the service very cleanly. It’d be really nice if you could get more analytic and trend data out of the service, but that unfortunately isn’t an option. It would be amazing to be able to learn more about what content you share gets the most views, favorites, etc.

Unlike HootSuite, TweetDeck is just for Twitter. While you can add multiple Twitter accounts to monitor and manage, you obviously can’t add a Facebook or Google+ account. A paid solution like HootSuite also offers nicer analytics to see click trends and statistics.

Recommendations to others considering the product heroic

If all you need is a solution to manage one or more Twitter accounts, then it’s hard to imagine a choice that is better than TweetDeck. However, if you’re in a role where you manage multiple social media accounts across platforms (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.) you’ll probably need to look elsewhere for a paid service.


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