Saving Your Own Business from Communications Downtime #ESKOMYOUSUCK


Communication is important for the continuous running and success of a Business. It is, therefore, a priority of every entrepreneur, manager and PR practitioner to protect their communication during a natural disaster or power failure.

With the new Load Shedding taking place,you business will be affected. If not dealt efficiently, it will have adverse effects on your businesses.

Businesses are becoming more and more globalized and are trying to spread its arms in every corner of the world. Communication forms a very essential part of such a globalized setup.

Breakdown of communication may lead to following severe grievances in a business:

1. Loss of contact among the employees.

2. Loss of contact between business and clients.

3. Lag in on-time information gain.

4. Loss in terms of profit.

Following are some tips which can help a business to reduce communication downtime:

Assign a protocol: It is the responsibility of a business to inform their employees about what they expect them to do if a disaster is going to occur in near future. All you have to do is to make a checklist of “to do’s” and “not to do’s”, and hand it over to every employee. Besides this, you have to completely eradicate the situations of perplexity and uncertainty. Such situations will surely harm your business. Try to develop a well-ordered scenario.

Ensure the Virtualization of all your important documents:Compile all the important data and other documents which are used regularly by your staff. Make a back-up of these data on the Cloud regularly. Remember, disasters do not come up with a prior warning. Instead of muddling at the last moment, it is better to store your important documents beforehand. If you do not do so, you will just be left with repentance at the last moment. Power and server failure can take place at any instance. This will lead to loss of data if it is stored locally. Storing the data on Cloud ensures that it is available to you always.

Procure backup numbers from all employees: It is your responsibility to prepare a detailed list of all your employees, their contact numbers, emergency contact numbers, residential telephone numbers and email ids. You can also prepare a contact tree to remind the employees regarding people from whom they can receive emergency calls.

Deploy a Cloud-based communication system:

This will ensure that your employees keep working from their home even in situations of adverse weather. They can make and receive calls to the clients even when your office is not functioning due to the disaster. Such a system will prevent your business from any impending loss that might creep up due to natural disasters.

Following these easy steps will ensure that company is permanently negatively affected by the power outage and also ensure that your employees feel valued!


4 thoughts on “Saving Your Own Business from Communications Downtime #ESKOMYOUSUCK

  1. This is very informative and smart Pat! Way to go. As much as companies do not foresee crises at times, they should take it upon themselves to brace the organisation should such occur. Eskom even has a schedule that stated when loadshedding will be taking place, so the managers should just keep track of that and inform their subordinates.


    • We have a society where people rather want to be helped by others (like the mythical superhero) than help themselves.
      And i’m not advocating that there shouldn’t be a sense of ubuntu in our society, but I really feel that saving yourself should be your first reaction (#BeYourOwnHero) and maybe we’ll have more time to help others.


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